June 11, 2005


A great review of Batman Begins from Jeffrey Wells:
Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins (Warner Bros., 6.15) is the smartest and most adult-minded superhero film Hollywood has ever made. For the first time ever, a major studio has made a comic-book movie that plays it fairly straight and grown up without letting the usual downmarket distractions run the show. Batman Begins is somewhere between exceptionally good and awesome during the first hour or so, which is what sold me and put me in a relatively placated and open-to-whatever place for the film's slightly more conventional remainder, which -- don't get me wrong -- is entirely decent and rousing and even spooky here and there. I love the way Christian Bale's Batman is always hunching over and scowling...this is one very pissed-off bat...and the general fact that Batman Begins is always a sharp, intelligent, well-written ride, and is exceptionally well acted by everyone.

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