June 20, 2005

Clinton on Guantanamo Bay

From CNN - Ex-President Bill Clinton wants Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay to be "closed down or cleaned up":

"Well, it either needs to be closed down or cleaned up," Clinton said when asked whether the camp on Cuba should close. "It's time that there are no more stories coming out of there about people being abused."

My first question to Bill Clinton: If you close down Camp X-Ray, where are the detainees going to be released? Are you just going to send these people - terrorists that have killed or attempted to kill American soldiers and civillians - back home? Many of those we have already released have gone right back to fight our soldiers and plan further terrorist attacks. Is world opinion so important to you that you would risk our national security to score points with Al-Jazeera?
Finally, are you so willing to believe any stories of "abuses" from detainees that you will ignore the investigations of our own armed forces?
Al Quaida was ignored and September 11th was planned during Clinton's tenure. No offense, but his advice on the subject is not exactly too meaningful to me (and I voted for him twice).
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