June 05, 2005

Dean Backtracks - Sort Of

Howard Dean qualifies his earlier remarks:
In a speech Thursday before a Washington conference sponsored by the "Campaign for America's Future," Dean told the audience that many Republicans "had never made an honest living in their lives."

His comments irked Republican leaders and sparked a quick response by Republican National Committee press secretary, Tracey Schmitt. In her statement, issued Thursday, she said, "Dean's priority is to generate mudslinging headlines rather than engage in substantive debate."

His speech, she added, "illustrates that the Democrat Party not only lacks leadership but is overflowing with anger."

In Friday's interview, Dean said that he did not intend his remarks to refer to the more than 50 million American people who voted for President Bush's re-election, but rather to Republican leaders whom he said do not understand the difficulties of waiting in line for eight hours to vote, as some did in Florida during the last election.
Here is my favorite part:
Dean said Friday of his characteristically strong words, "I guess my job is to outrage the Republicans these days."
No Jack Ass. Your job is to lead the Democratic Party, raise money for Democratic candidates and help the Democratic candidates reach out to the voters. Insulting over 50 million people who didn't vote for your guy will do nothing to expand the party base.

Look - I understand that there is a lot of anger in the Democratic Party. For members of the extreme left wing, it is probably very nice to hear a prominent leader espouse your feelings. ... however, all I am saying is that you need to look at the bigger picture.
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