June 23, 2005

"God Wants the Spurs to Win"

From San Antonio News:

A lot of us are doing it, but is it okay.... to pray to God for a San Antonio Spurs' victory in tonight's game seven of the NBA Finals. And will God listen? The Rev. Eddie Bernal, a prominent Catholic theologian and pastor of St. Benedict's Church on the city's east side, says, go for it. "Yes, definitely," he says. "I think it'll be good for the city, I think it'll be something we need, I think a Spurs victory would be good for the country, because the Spurs are men of integrity, and a Spurs victory would send a message that the good guys can win," Father Eddie told 1200 WOAI's Charity McCurdy. Bernal says 'certainly' there are more important things going on in the world, but he says 'God loves us' whenever we pray, and he compares prayer to 'getting a call from a favorite grandson.' But he says a Spurs victory would send a message that God would approve of. "You don't have to be violent, you don't have to break rules, you don't have do all those kinds of things to win. I think God would be very happy about that."

Give me a break... I have never been a very religious person, so maybe I "just don't get it", but why in the world would God care who wins the NBA finals? Is Father Eddie saying that "God takes sides"??? Isn't part of Catholic doctrine that God loves all of his children? If God loves all of his children - even the wayward ones (evidently, Father Eddie thinks the Detroit Pistons are the wayward ones) - then, how could God prefer one over the other?
I have no problem with people praying or being religiously devout. However, I think it is a bit "over the top" to suggest that God plays favorites or that God is a factor in a sporting contest.
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