June 20, 2005

Mark Steyn - The Democrats a/k/a the Terrorist Rights Party

From Mark Steyn:

Judging from the way he’s dug himself in, Dick Durbin, the Number Two Democrat in the US Senate, genuinely believes Gitmo is analogous to Belsen, the gulags and the killing fields. But he crossed a line, from anti-Bush to anti-American, and most Americans have no interest in following him down that path.You can’t claim (as Democrats do, incessantly) to “support our troops” and then dump them in the same category as the Nazis and the Khmer Rouge. In the hermetically sealed echo chamber between the Dem leadership, the mainstream US media, Hollywood, Ivy League “intellectuals” and European sophisticates, the gulag cracks are utterly unexceptional. But, for a political party that keeps losing elections because it has less and less appeal outside a few coastal enclaves, Durbin’s remarks are devastating. The Democrats flopped in 2002 and 2004 because they were seen as incoherent on national security issues. Explicitly branding themselves as the “terrorists’ rights” party is unlikely to improve their chances for 2006.
The entire article is a "must read". I chose this excerpt because Mark Steyn has made a really good point - how exactly does the Gitmo controversy help the Democrats? While it, at first blush, would appear to be a "scandal" for George W. Bush, it really is not. Most Americans, if asked, would prefer that the "torture" (sorry to use scare quotes, but really, as bad as the music is, forcing someone to listen to Christina Aguilera is nothing close to the rack, the thumbscrew, savage beatings, etc.) be much more severe in order to extract any information that will help the war or prevent another 9/11. The average American feels little sympathy for people who came to Guantanamo Bay because they were actively engaged in trying to kill U.S. troops or civillians. We can argue from here to eternity about whether or not Americans should care, however, it does not change the fact that the Democrats must appeal to Americans - not world opinion - for votes every November.
Even if Guantanamo Bay is a "scandal" or "stain" on the Bush presidency, how does that help the Democrats in the future? Bush will not be running for re-election. Vice President Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld will not be running for President. In fact, the most likely Republican nominee for President in 2008 will be someone outside of the administration .
The Democrats should not try to score political points at the expense of our armed forces or America's image in the world. By comparing Guantanamo Bay to Nazi Germany, the Soviet Gulags or the Cambodian Killing Fields, the Democrats, in essence, demonstrate they lack any historical perspective, slander the American soldiers that run Guantanamo Bay, hand enemies of the United States more ammunition to spread anti-Americanism and further demonstrate that they are not, at all, serious about the war against terrorism.
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