June 06, 2005

Michael Jackson v. the Accuser's Mother

Fox News posed a semi - interesting question: who is weirder? Michael Jackson or the accuser's mother?

SANTA MARIA, Calif. — The jury deliberating the fate of Michael Jackson (search) may have to decide who's weirder: Jackson or the mother of his accuser.

Much of Jackson's defense came down to trying to prove the mother was the winner of the strange contest — even though Jackson's eccentricities long ago earned him the tabloid tag "Wacko Jacko." His 2003 admission that he shared his bed with children — non-sexually, he explained — didn't do much to mitigate that notion.

His lawyers tried to make their client look sympathetic by portraying the mother of his accuser as more out of touch with social norms than he is.

Was his hobby of spending weeks with children creepier than her habit of sucking up to celebrities? Was his insistence that there was nothing wrong with letting children in his bed odder than her habit of saying near-strangers were like family?

In my book, Michael Jackson is the weirder of the two. Some thoughts:

  1. On many occasions, Michael Jackson has been accused of pedophelia.
  2. He openly admits sharing a bed with young boys.
  3. He is addicted to plastic surgery
  4. He wears a prosthetic nose (his nose caved in due to too much plastic surgery)
  5. He makes his children wear masks in public
  6. He dangles his children off balconies
  7. He had his skin lightened so that he appears to be white.
  8. One of his best friends was a chimpanzee
  9. He bought the elephant man's bones

Do I really need to go on? In my mind, the clincher is the pedophelia, so there really was no need to go on...

As for the mother, she should have her parental rights revoked. Any idiot that would let her children sleep in the bed of a stranger is not fit to have children. She knew damn well what was going on, and she didn't care as long as she was receiving gifts. She absolutely disgusts me.

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