July 22, 2005

Daily Kos - Palestinian Terrorist Apologists

Evidently, Daily Kos sides with the Palestinian terrorists and is anti-Israel. The following is from its online encyclopedia:

The recent political history of Israel and Palestine is a topic that is dealt with in many places on-line, usually claiming to be unbiased, usually failing. Trying to come up with a neutraly written history is hard, and ultimately subjective and unlikely to be agreed upon. Fortunately dKosopedia rejects the NPV of the Wikipedia, allowing an easier solution - a biased but acurate history of the troubles, with links to other points of view that are available on-line. The following is therefore written from a pro-Palestinian point of view, with the belief that a rational reading of the evidence leads to a pro-Palestinian conclusion.
The article is complete historical revisionism that portrays the Israelis as the aggressors in the wars started by the Arabs. Daily Kos ignores the fact that Israel has consistently sought peace with the Palestinians and the Arab world - only to have such efforts either rejected out right or effectively rendered worthless (i.e., Egypt makes peace with Israel only to covertly support Palestinian terrorists with money and weapons). Of course, Daily Kos completely ignores the Palestinian terror campaigns against Israel. By doing so, they clearly indicate that the murder of innocent Israeli men, women and children is appropriate. From my standpoint, even if (and that is a big "if") you have legitimate political grievances, you forfeit any moral standing once you start shooting 4 year olds in their beds or bombing night clubs and restaurants.
One of the big reasons I switched from Democrat to Republican was that, as a Jew, I felt unwelcome in the Democratic Party. The Democrats affiliate with and tolerate leftists like those that frequent the Daily Kos - i.e., the anti-Israel crowd. I have a hard time understanding how any self-respecting Jew can support a political party that does not unequivocally support Israel's right to exist.
Israel was created after the Holocaust because (a) Israel was the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people (Jewish claims to "Palestine" pre-date any Arab claims by thousands of years), (b) following the Holocaust, none of the European countries wanted to resettle the Jewish people that had just been liberated from the death camps and (c) most importantly, the World recognized that the creation of a Jewish state was the only way to avoid continued persecution and another genocide of the Jews. If there had been an Israel in the 1930's and 1940's, the Holocaust would have never happened. Jews fleeing Hitler's Europe would have had a place to go - rather than being turned away from the U.S., London, etc. If you believe in "Never Again", you believe in Israel. Otherwise, it is only lip service.
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