July 26, 2005

Dennis Prager Discusses the Palestinian Legacy

Dennis Prager has another interesting column this morning that centers largely on the Palestinian sole contribution to the world:

In the last few weeks, innocent men, women and children have been blown up, paralyzed, brain damaged and otherwise had their lives ruined by Muslim suicide bombers in Britain, Egypt and Iraq. Who can we thank for this man-made plague? Palestinians and the Left. We need to thank Palestinians for their major contribution to humanity — religiously sanctioned mass murder of innocents through suicide. Prior to the Palestinians, this did not exist. It is true that Tamil suicide bombers in Sri Lanka have murdered many thousands and they are not Muslims. But the Tamil rationale for suicide terror — though utterly immoral — is confined to a (secular) nationalist movement in Sri Lanka. Palestinian Muslims — no Palestinian Christians have committed a suicide bombing — have created a religious and moral basis for mass murder and did so within a worldwide religion with a billion adherents. When the Palestinians sent brainwashed young men to blow themselves up in Israeli buses, cafes and discos, they offered justifications that provided the basis for many others to do the same.

They said that blowing up Jews in Israel — of any age and in any location — was an act that glorified Allah, that one who engaged in such atrocities was a Muslim equivalent to a saint, and would be rewarded in heaven by many beautiful virgins. I do not know of any Muslim religious organization or leader who condemned this Palestinian Muslim terror-theology as anti-Islamic... What therefore happened was that the religious justification for murdering innocent people took hold in the Muslim world. It apparently never occurred to Muslim leaders that once you justify evil, that evil will eventually be unleashed against you, too. If blowing up Jewish children is OK, so is blowing up Egyptian, Moroccan, Iraqi, British, Spanish and Russian children.

Dennis also discusses the Left's legitimization of the Palestinian suicide bombing.

According to the world's Left, it's OK for Palestinians to put bombs in an Israeli student cafeteria because: (1) Israel occupies Palestinian land (even though a leftist Israeli government offered 97 percent of it to Yasser Arafat), (2) Therefore, Palestinians are engaging in legitimate resistance, (3) Since Palestinians don't have sophisticated weaponry, they use their weapon, the suicide bomber (4) Israelis kill Palestinian civilians, so there is a moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinians (even though the Palestinians target Jewish innocents and the Israelis do not target Palestinian innocents). But, alas, the anti-Israel Left (an almost redundant description), too, did not understand the genie it had helped unleash onto the world. Why is it all right for Muslims to blow up Israeli children, but not Russian children? Israeli buses, but not British buses? Jews in Israel, but not Muslims in Iraq?

I take issue with the merit of the excuses set forth in items (1) through (4), but I will save that rant for another day. Dennis Prager does have a point. You cannot justify or excuse the use of suicide bombing or the targeting innocent civillians as a legitimate act of resistance against Israel, but then expect that the Islamic terrorists are not going to bring their "act of resistance" to the U.S., London, Europe, etc. The legitimization of the Palestinian terrorist tactics and the rewards given to the Palestinians (Billions in aid, international support for a Palestinian country and condemnation of Israel) taught the terrorists that terrorism does, in fact, work and that suicide bombing of civillians is acceptable.
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