July 22, 2005

Dick Morris on Advocacy Groups & John Roberts

A great column from Dick Morris on the impending nomination fight:

In the immediate after math of Bush's nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court, we witness an unusual dichotomy on the left and right. The Democrats, clearly on the spot because they had voted unanimously to confirm him to the Circuit Court of Appeals, are waiting for the hearings and the negative research to pull up past statements or opinions on which they can oppose the nomination. But advocacy groups on both sides of the life-vs.-choice debate are wasting no time in ginning up their email and postal lists for the coming confirmation battle. Already the National Abortion Rights League and Moveon.org are rallying supporters to do battle, while Newsmax and other conservative groups are circulating petitions in the judge's defense. We must treat the passion of those opposing Roberts with due skepticism. Advocacy groups have been waiting for a fight over the Supreme Court for a decade now and are determined to cash in on the opportunity it affords them to fatten their lists, add to their supporters and pad their revenues. ....They are in a battle with one another to gather donors, members, names, supporters and signatures. This dynamic, on both sides of the fight, explains the passion of the groups even as Bush seems to have nominated a candidate moderate enough to be confirmed without a Democratic filibuster. But you won't hear that from any advocacy groups. Their mission is to polarize and to make money and derive power from the hot coals they rake to life and the conflagration they kindle. Bush seems to have found a judge with such a meager output of decisions and writings that the opposition has to hunt long and hard to find anything to hang around his neck. Can the advocacy groups of the left, in their own interest, foment a fight where none exists? Can they induce their proxies who sit in the Senate to see in Roberts a threat to civilization, and seduce them into a battle and a filibuster? It will be fun to watch them try

This will be an interesting confirmation process to watch . . .
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