July 29, 2005

If the British Were Treated Like the Israelis...

A good column from Julia Gorin:

Desperation has again led Muslims to commit suicide bombings, this time in London. Brits still bewildered by the attacks, protesting, "But we're not Jewish!" need to get out of their cocoons and start asking the relevant question: Why is this happening? To stop terrorism, one must remove the root causes of terrorism. To that end, maybe it's time England pulled out of occupied Londonistan. Only then will this cycle of violence end. With the unemployment rate among British Muslims at 10 percent above the national average, perhaps a divestment campaign, as well as an academic boycott of England, would help England figure out what it's been doing wrong. Either way, our favoritism toward this colonial power at the expense of Muslims must end. ...In one interview with friends of 22 year-old London bomber Shehzad Tanweer, the youngsters said they understood his anger, sharing "the same sense of otherness, the same sense of siege, the same sense that their community, and Muslims in general, were in their view helpless before the whims of greater powers." After all, from the rescue of Kuwait to the liberation of Iraq to the American soldiers we fed to Somalis, to the jihad we fought for Muslims in Kosovo and Bosnia, plus the towing of the line that Western journalists agree to in reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to maintain access to the terrorist perspective, it's easy to understand Muslim anger: we all know what it's like — having that annoying, sycophantic friend, always doing stuff for you, always forgiving you no matter how you mistreat or provoke him. Really, the West is like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons; no wonder Muslims want to ring our necks! ...Amid the sweeping arrests in Britain, the country would do well to show restraint — and not take an example from the U.S., which squandered international good will after 9/11. Because everyone likes a victim: when Jews were being incinerated, they were likeable; when they tried to make sure it didn't happen again, the world found it distasteful. When America was struck on 9/11, they liked us! they liked us! they really liked us! When we did something about it, the world stopped liking us. (It's almost surprising that our Left hasn't coordinated with al Qaida to keep that good will coming.)

Read it all. It would be funny if it weren't so true.
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