July 26, 2005

The Israel Exception

Meryl Yourish has a good column on yourish.com where she looks at Condi Rice's approach to Israel.

You might recall people thinking that when Condoleeza Rice replaced Colin Powell as Secretary of State, we might actually see State toughen up on the palestinians.
It's become more and more clear that Rice is absolutely made in the Powell mode, and that when the president says "You're either with us, or with the terrorists," the Exception Clause remains in effect.... Watch and see. We are in the exact same place today as we were when Clinton was president, with the exception that Bush isn't hosting a mass-murderer at the White House every other week. Once again, Israel is the state that has no right to respond to terror attacks, and no right to defend herself. Israel must give and give and give, but the palestinians must give nothing but words. In English, because in Arabic, they're still praising the murderers of innocents—with PA money, meaning the backing of Europe and the US. Facts like these leave me no other conclusion: The Bush Administration does not include palestinian terrorists in the war on terror. So. How is this president any different from his predecessor in that regard? The Republicans are losing people like me, who voted for Bush because of his stance on terror. When that stance excludes the years-long terror war in Israel, he loses me. Utterly.

She makes an excellent point. Like Yasser Arafat, Abbas has done nothing to reign in the terrorists. Abbas has done nothing to end incitement of the Palestinian people against Israel. Yet, where is the condemnation of the Palestinians.

The idea of forcing Israel to arm the Palestinians, to provide the Palestinians with any financial support or "show restraint" to bolster Abbas is infuriating to me. Israel has every right to defend herself. Should America provide arms to Al Quaeda? Should America provide money to Bin Laden or otherwise try to bolster Bin Laden's standing in the world? If America were attacked on a daily basis by suicide bombers, mortars and rockets coming from Mexico or Canada, we Americans would be concerned with nothing other than when is the invasion planned and how come we haven't nuked them yet.

Or, would the U.S. be telling Great Brittain to show restraint? Not likely
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