July 22, 2005

Michelle Malkin - Why Not Use Racial Profiling?

Michelle Malkin has an interesting point about the NYPD decision to search bags of subway riders:
July 22, 2005 -- WHAT'S the point? In the wake of the latest terrorist attacks in London, Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD announced plans to conduct random searches of packages and backpacks carried by subway riders. "Random," of course, is a synonym for blind. And we all know what it means when you put blind bureaucrats in charge of homeland security: Grannies and toddlers, prepare to be on heightened grope alert. Reassuring al Qaeda operatives everywhere, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly pledged that his officers would not engage in "racial profiling." He also emphasized that passengers would be free to "turn around and leave" instead of consenting to a search.
I guess this would be funny if it were not so true... Michelle notes that:
It is reckless to prevent law-enforcement authorities from taking obvious national-security profiling factors (racial, ethnic, religious, nationality, behavioral or otherwise) into account. And it is deadly to refuse to enforce immigration laws in a manner that results in, yes, profiling. "Look for things that are unusual," Commissioner Kelly implored. "Look at things through the prism of 9/11." Uh-huh. But don't dare note the obvious:

* The 7/7 London terrorist bombers were young Muslim men — all but one of them of Pakistani origin. * All of the 1993 landmark-bombing conspirators were Muslim men from the Middle East or Sudan.

* All of the '93 World Trade Center terrorist bomb plotters were young Middle Eastern Muslim men — five of them, illegal aliens.

* The '97 New York subway-bomb plotters were also young, Middle Eastern Muslim illegals. . . . * All three of the Millenium bomb plotters were young Muslim male illegal aliens from Algeria.

* Four of the U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa were Middle Eastern Muslim men.

* Look, too, at the Islamist subway bomb plotters arrested last summer in a conspiracy to attack the Herald Square subway, three police stations on Staten Island, a prison, and the Verrazano Bridge. One of the men in the August 2004 plot, Shahawar Matin Siraj, was a 22-year-old illegal alien from Pakistan based in Jackson Heights. The other, James Elshafay, was a young, Jew-hating American man of Egyptian descent.
Look at 9/11. If you are going to take such measures as searching bags, why not place first priority on searching the bags of those that are more likely to be affiliated with Al Quaeda than old ladies in wheel chairs???
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