July 13, 2005

Palestinians - Celebrate the London Terror Attacks

From the Palestinian Death Cult:

GAZA - In a reaction similar to the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in New York, the blood spilt in the London terror attacks has been celebrated within the Palestinian territories. The broadcast was carried live on Saturday evening, two days after the attack. The radio station was broadcasting a sermon, in which a preacher was inciting listeners against Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The preacher criticized Israel’s planned Gaza withdrawal, saying that Jerusalem was not part of the program. The Palestinian Authority was described as vile for opening up a casino in Jericho. Also in the same broadcast, Osama Bin Laden was praised, while the succession of explosions in London were welcomed. The preacher welcomed the “blessed acts” that took place recently in Iraq and Britain, and highlighted their proximity to the selection of an Olympic host for the 2012 games. “The sounds of happiness were heard in London, and Osama Bin Laden came and redrew the map. He made sure that the voice of the surrendered will be heard in every place,” the mosque’s preacher said.

I do not think words can describe how depraved these people are... they danced in the streets on 9-11 and cannot contain their delight over the deaths caused in London. There is something horribly demented going on the Palestinian terroritories. They have absolutely no value for human life (any culture that celebrates their teenagers blowing themselves up to kill Jews is sick). Europe will no doubt ignore this and continue to give them aid. Oh heck, let's give them their own country!!
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