July 27, 2005

Some People Never Learn

Bill Johnson wrote a column in which he laments U.S. anti-terrorism tactics and the resulting loss of our freedom:

Perhaps inside a dusty, faraway cave where he takes his breakfast, Osama bin Laden saw the photographs. I am guessing he did not teeter in his chair, but just laughed his backside off. You just have to know he is a man now thoroughly satisfied with himself if he understands at all the lengths to which we have gone as we quake at the mere specter of him and his henchmen. How thrilled he must be at what is occurring in New York as we speak, the way authorities there are now conducting more than 1,100 searches a day of riders on the city's massive transit system, how the biggest bust so far has been one of a 21-year-old man caught with a cache of illegal fireworks. Cops wrote him a ticket. Is that a briefcase chained to a downtown Brooklyn fire hydrant? Evacuate office buildings and shops and bring life to a halt for millions until the bomb squad blows it up. Somewhere in New York, an architect or lawyer is still trying to explain that one to his boss or client. The cave dweller might also have been pleased that our government - or, more specifically, the Transportation Security Administration - last week was found to have violated constitutional privacy protections by secretly collecting personal information on at least a quarter-million Americans. Meanwhile, most of us didn't seem to even notice.

So, what is the alternative? Do we not take terrorism seriously? What happens when the next terrorist bombing occurs? What would you tell the victims' families - that we could have prevented the bombing, but we didn't want Osama to think he was getting the best of us? Good luck with that one.

How many people must die before Democrats get serious about this threat?? After 9/11, the Democrats latched onto the intelligence failures pre-9/11 (while correct to do so, they did, however, seem to use this as a way to smear Bush while forgetting that Osama Bin Laden began planning for 9/11 on Clinton's watch). The overriding sentiment was that we need to fix the intelligence failures. The Patriot Act, which Democrats widely supported after 9/11 and now decry as the greatest threat to American liberties, was the response of the post 9-11 hearings. Now, they are complaining that Bush is actually using the Patriot Act to obtain intelligence on suspected terrorists...
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