August 26, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Is Now Channeling Her Slain Son

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan is now purportedly "channeling" her slain son, Casey, from heaven, suggesting he's calling President Bush "an idiot," and she claims to have "tens of thousands of angels" supporting her cause to bring home immediately American troops serving in Iraq.

"When I get up [to heaven], he's gonna say, 'Good job, mom,'" the California woman said in a speech last night upon her return to Crawford, Texas. "He's not going to say, 'Why'd you make me spin in my grave?' you know. And I can just hear him saying, 'George Bush, you are really an idiot. You didn't know what you were doing when you killed me. You didn't know what you were getting into.'"

I am not going to comment very much on her claim to have communications with her dead son and tens of thousands of angels other than to say this is getting really goofy. Anyone else wonder whether she is playing with a full deck... ?
Kind of funny that we have yet to hear her acknowledge that the sniper who killed Casey was a member of Al Quaeda and not George Bush.
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