August 22, 2005

Daily Kos Has A Secret Plan to Destroy the Democratic Leadership Council

Evidently, Markos “Screw Them” Moulitsas Zuniga of the Daily Kos has a top secret plan to destroy the Democratic Leadership Council:
Ultimately, this is the modern DLC -- an aider and abettor of Right-wing smear attacks against Democrats. They make the same arguments, use the same language, and revel in their attacks on those elements of the Democratic Party that seem to cause them no small embarrassment. Two more weeks, folks, before we take them on, head on. No calls for a truce will be brooked. The DLC has used those pauses in the past to bide their time between offensives. Appeals to party unity will fall on deaf ears (it's summer of a non-election year, the perfect time to sort out internal disagreements).

We need to make the DLC radioactive. And we will. With everyone's help, we really can. Stay tuned.
Heh. Somehow, this reminds me of something that Dr. Evil of Austin Powers fame would say.

Evidently, Markos believes that the Democratic Leadership Council is too conservative or "right wing" to represent the Democratic Party.

Personally, I cannot wait to see how Markos and his Daily Kos sycophants are going to attempt to drive the remaining moderate Democrats into the Republican party. This should be interesting.

Will there be a "Civil War" amongst the Democrats? Will the "Far Left" take over the Democratic party? Well, actually, I guess that they already have... After all, Howard Dean - you know, the candidate of the Far Left - is now the chairman of the Democratic Party. During the last Democratic Party primaries, the Democratic candidates raced each other to obtain the support of the Far Left. The Democratic candidates fought each other over who was more liberal and who had more anti-Bush credentials. I guess that Daily Kos envisions a narrow-based Democratic Party that only appeals to the Far Left.

If anything, Markos' post reveals that he is more interested in hearing himself talk (or, in this instance, reading his own writing) than winning elections. Otherwise, he is too politically naive to be taken at all seriously. What Markos evidently does not understand is that a political party must be broad-based to win national elections. After all, does he really think that there are over 50 million members of the Far Left? Neither Howard Dean nor Wesley Clark, who were the favorite Democratic candidates of the Far Left during the campaign, could even find enough Democrats to win the candidacy of the Democratic Party. Does he really think that the Democrat's problem in the last election was that the Democrats were too moderate?? Does he really believe that either of these two candidates could have defeated George Bush?

The Republicans were successful in the last few Presidential elections by reaching out to both moderate Republicans and members of the Far Right-not by lurching to the Far Right and telling moderates that they can go to hell.

In reality, the majority of voters-whether Democrats or Republican - are moderate in their political beliefs. The Democrats need the DLC to put a much more moderate face on the Democratic Party.

The DLC, for all of its many problems, at least can claim to have elected a member to be the President of the United States.

Given the Daily Kos' abyssmal record of supporting losing politicians(he has never endorsed a politician that actually ended up winning his/her election), however, I cannot imagine that anyone at the DLC will lose too much sleep.

Hat Tip: Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.

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