August 05, 2005

Democratic Pollster: "We Don't Stand For Anything"

From Newsmax:

Democratic Party pollster Stan Greenberg said Wednesday that "one of the biggest doubts about Democrats is that they don't stand for anything. Bush got about 40 percent of the Hispanic vote, according to various estimates, a slight improvement from the 35 percent he got in 2000. Greenberg, a former pollster for President Clinton, said Hispanic voters' stand on the issues indicate Democrats can solidify their Hispanic support if they "rediscover their values and beliefs." Democrats' lack of clarity was a contributing factor for the gains made by Republicans among Hispanics in 2004, Greenberg said, adding "that stands out even more for voters generally and for white Catholics."

My reaction: you needed a poll to tell you that? You don't win elections with a platform of obstructionism and vile anti-Bush rhetoric. You win elections with ideas. You show the voters why your candidate is better, more qualified and will address the issues that matter to voters the most in a manner that will hopefully help the voter live a better life.
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