August 12, 2005

Howard Dean: Not As Many Right-Wing Wackos Among New England Republicans

CONCORD — Former presidential candidate Howard Dean returned to New Hampshire Wednesday in his latest role as Democratic National Committee chairman. His message: It's time for Democrats to return to the White House.

Dean greeted the party faithful at a fundraiser at the Common Man restaurant, shook hands and continued his 50-state strategy tour to energize Democrats by reaching out to the party base...."The burden of proof is on us," Dean said. "Our job is not just to say what we don't like about the president. Our job is to make sure that when we get in we earn the right to stay."

Exactly. About time that the Democrats understand that anti-Bush rhetoric will not be enough to get a Democrat elected president. Unfortunately, Dean disgresses:

Dean also couldn't let the event go without a direct shot at the president. "President Bush's numbers are the lowest of his term and he deserves that," Dean said to applause. "We need to buy back our government from the corporations that have paid George Bush to run it."

He also said Republicans in this area are easier to deal with than most."New England Republicans are different than most. They are more reasonable and thoughtful," Dean said. "You don't get as many right-wing wackos."

Dean also described Bush's desire to privatize social security as "nutty." "Americans do not want to privatize social security," he said. "They're too smart to turn social security over to the people who ran Enron."

Howard Dean evidently cannot stay on message within one speech. After lecturing his party that the Democrats job is not to bash Bush, he then proceeds to bash Bush.

If his comments on New England Republicans is part of his effort to expand the party base, then he seriously needs to go back to the drawing board. Talk about a back-handed compliment. Someone needs to work on his people skills.
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