August 05, 2005

Joe Wilson Is Responsible for "Outing" His Wife

Courtesy of Wizbang - the "Who's Who" entry for Joe Wilson from 1999 to 2005:

Joe Wilson is a liar and a media whore. He has continuously insisted that the Bush administration intentionally leaked his wife's name as retribution for him being a "whistleblower". It is already well documented by the 9/11 commission and other writers that the findings of his trip to Africa actually supported or did nothing to discredit the Bush administration's position. Moreover, his wife's identity was no secret when it was allegedly "leaked"(leaking, of course, implies the disclosure of confidential information - as you can see, her name and her association with him were of public record).
However, how can anyone take serious his oft-repeated claim that Karl Rove "endangered" his wife's life? We know by now that Valerie Plame had not been a covert agent for more than 6-7 years. If she is not covert, then the disclosure did not blow her cover.
But let's assume that disclosure of her identity as his wife did endanger her life. If anyone is responsible for "endangering" his wife's life, it was Joe Wilson- i.e., the man who provided the information to "Who's Who" in 1999.
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