August 22, 2005

Mark Steyn on Cindy Sheehan

Mark Steyn has another great column about Cindy Sheehan:

They're not children in Iraq; they're grown-ups who made their own decision to join the military. That seems to be difficult for the left to grasp. Ever since America's all-adult, all-volunteer army went into Iraq, the anti-war crowd have made a sustained effort to characterize them as "children." If a 13-year-old wants to have an abortion, that's her decision and her parents shouldn't get a look-in. If a 21-year-old wants to drop to the broadloom in Bill Clinton's Oval Office, she's a grown woman and free to do what she wants. But, if a 22- or 25- or 37-year-old is serving his country overseas, he's a wee "child" who isn't really old enough to know what he's doing.

I get many e-mails from soldiers in Iraq, and they sound a lot more grown-up than most Ivy League professors and certainly than Maureen Dowd, who writes like she's auditioning for a minor supporting role in ''Sex And The City.''

The infantilization of the military promoted by the left is deeply insulting to America's warriors but it suits the anti-war crowd's purposes. It enables them to drone ceaselessly that "of course" they "support our troops," because they want to stop these poor confused moppets from being exploited by the Bush war machine.

I resisted writing about "Mother Sheehan" (as one leftie has proposed designating her), as it seemed obvious that she was at best a little unhinged by grief and at worst mentally ill. It's one thing to mourn a son's death and even to question the cause for which he died, but quite another to roar that he was "murdered by the Bush crime family."

Read it all.
We no longer have a draft. Every member of the military chose to enter military service voluntarily. It would be comical to suggest that a person, who joins the military, does not understand that by enlisting, he or she may end up serving in a military conflict. It is in their job description. It is what they are told that they will be training for... It is why they learn how to fire weapons.
Our military personnel know and understand the risks involved in their chosen profession. Yet, they continue to enlist and re-enlist (e.g., Casey Sheehan re-enlisted on his own volition even knowing that he might be sent to Iraq). It is because these people believe in their country and their mission.
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