August 16, 2005

More Adventures in Democratic Paranoia - Are Republicans a Cancer? A Really Disgusting Analogy

Bernard Weiner, who is evidently a Ph.D. in government & international relations that has taught at various universities and worked as a writer/editor with the San Francisco Chronicle, has written a column on Democratic Underground. In his column, he compares Republicans to cancer, which must be surgically removed:

Going from the microcosmos to the macro, today there is a cancer growing in the body of the American polity. Its aggressive nature has forced its way into the social and political fabric of our lives, and is destroying both from within. This destructive malignancy was not removed at the first opportunity and has now spread and infected the entire culture and political apparatus. It is running rampant and is strangling the foundation upon which our nation rests, the Constitution. It has leaped national boundaries and is attacking other nations beyond our shores....

The American corpus, which just a few years ago, was relatively strong, is riven with social, political, economic and moral disease. The cancer, barely noticed by most Americans, was growing slowly all this time, away from direct public scrutiny, building its support network, infiltrating into various arteries of power (the media, think tanks, propaganda ministries, electoral systems, education), and then, after decades, when the moment was ripe, the cancer erupted in the highest halls of power, in the White House.

The remedy of tumor removal/amputation - via the surgery of impeachment - could begin the process of healing. But this cancer is notoriously aggressive in maintaining itself in the face of assaults - in this, it's reminiscent of an organized criminal enterprise - mainly by growing and spreading into new areas where it attempts to control the situation.

At moments, when it appears to be cornered, it exudes a toxic slime over its most notable critics and opponents. Examples: Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke, John McCain, John Kerry, Cindy Sheehan, et al. A new candidate for those crosshairs is Patrick Fitzgerald, the Special Prosecutor who potentially could indict much of the inner circle of the Bush Administration in the Plamegate/Iraq War scandals.

There is also the possibility that the body politic, so turned off by the outrageous aggressiveness of the bullying cancer - and the high costs of supporting its foreign wars abroad so expensive in terms of blood and treasure - will create enough antibodies to drive out the malignancy in a periodic election in, say, 2006 and/or 2008. (This assumes that the agents of the cancer no longer will be controlling the voting machines and computerized vote-counting processes.)...But in order to reach this era of the Restoration of Constitutional Rule, there must be a general consensus on the nature of the disease, indeed on the fact that there is a malignancy on the loose, and thus a willingness to combat it. In the past two Presidential elections, it would appear that more than half the population voted for someone other than the cancer party, but the "official" election results (counted by corporations in lockstep with those in power) said otherwise. ...In short, the time has long since passed when the political surgical scalpels need to excise the malignant tumor that had lodged itself into our public life. If we don't act, and soon, that cancer might well destroy us all.

I cannot think of a more inappropriate, disgusting analogy or metaphor. As someone with both relatives and friends that has suffered from cancer, I am utterly outraged that this supposed "learned" professor would stoop to such a level merley to argue against those with different political views. The fact that the Democrats found this article to be acceptable reveals much about how intense their hatred for Republicans has become.
While the column is clearly incendiary, it is also utterly devoid of any real substance, thought-provoking insight or genuine reflection. The writer takes it as a given that the Republicans are evil, their political view points are without any merit, and that their policies are dangerious to both America and the world. Rather, the writer merely dwells on the question of how American society can rid itself of Republican influence and concludes that there are only two manners for doing so: impeachment of George Bush and/or Democratic success at the ballot box. Wow. I am blinded by the sheer genius of this man. How long did it take for him to come up with that?
Moreover, the column clearly demonstrates the unhinged paranoia and conspiracy theories that appear to be rampant on the left.
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