August 02, 2005

More on the Air America Scandal

Evidently, Al Franken is now addressing the Air America scandal. Michelle Malkin has more:

So: by Franken's own admission, Air America's current owners have known for months that their network received a large cash infusion from Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, a non-profit organization funded primarily by government grants. Presumably, they also knew that Gloria Wise's director of development at the time the money was transferred was also Air America's chairman at the time--a glaring conflict of interest. According to Franken, the owners still don't know whether that cash was ultimately placed in Air America's coffers or diverted somewhere else. (Franken seems to be hinting that the money was embezzled by Cohen.) Yet even as the radio network's hosts railed on about Enron, it didn't occur to any of Air America's accountants, managers, or investors to mention the sketchy Gloria Wise transaction to law enforcement officials until after the city launched its investigation.

This is getting really interesting.
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