August 18, 2005

Sad But True

Arnold Ahlert of the New York Post asks an intriguing question - what if Babe Ruth's career was covered the way that the media covers the war in Iraq?
August 18, 2005 -- HERE'S Babe Ruth's career — covered the way the mainstream media cover the war in Iraq:

A troubled child abandoned by his parents at the age of 7, Ruth was labelled "incorrigible" during his 12 years at St. Mary's Orphanage. His first marriage to waitress Helen Woodford was a failure, compounded by her tragic death in a house fire in 1929.

In his final years, Ruth's dreams of becoming a major league manager were dashed over and over again. After his retirement from baseball, he was reduced to giving talks on radio, at orphanges and in hospitals, and shilling U.S. War Bonds during a conflict in Europe.

Ruth's 22-year career in baseball was punctuated with stories of binge eating and bouts of alcoholism. He died in 1948, after a two-year battle with throat cancer — no doubt the result of his abusive lifesytle.

His lifetime batting average was .342, a 65 percent failure rate at the plate.

Think all news out of Iraq is bad? Contrary to what you may think, U.S. troops are having both military and civil successes. Read this on a weekly basis.
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