September 06, 2005

Another Howard Dean Moment

The Democrats have been complaining for days about how President Bush did not immediately rush to New Orleans (as if the people of New Orleans really needed another politician visiting the wreckage - more likely than not, they would probably have preferred to see rescue workers - but I digress). Now, according to Howard Dean, President Bush's visit to New Orleans is a "callous political move crafted by Karl Rove":
"Based on today's reports, it seems clear that President Bush's visit today is just another callous political move crafted by Karl Rove. It's just appalling to see how quickly President Bush and Karl Rove have mobilized a political strategy in their own defense, but simply failed to mobilize a swift response to either keep the people in the Gulf Coast region safe in the first place or aid the victims in the aftermath of the storm.

"Thousands of people have lost their lives. Our nation faces difficult times as we address the painful aftermath of Katrina, yet President Bush is worried about shifting blame and passing the buck? Shouldn't he be worried about restoring stability, plans to evacuate survivors, and ensuring that our communities have the resources they need to help the victims of this tragedy rebuild their lives? Now is a time for leadership not partisanship. This is one failure we will not allow Rove and the GOP attack machine to spin away with their usual barrage of photo-ops, misinformation, smear campaigns and press conferences."
Once again, Howard Dean contradicts himself within the same sentence. Now is the time to avoid partisanship? O.K., I can agree with that. But wait... doesn't Howard Dean then accuse President Bush of being callous, and the GOP of being a bunch of liars and smear artists? Here is a thought Howard: Shut Up. Just Shut Up.

If you have anything meaningful to say as to how we can better restore stability, evacuate survivors or provide aid to the Hurricane victims, then I am all ears and would welcome your contribution to the debate. However, if the only thing you have to offer is to slander your political opponents or to offer petty criticism as to the implementation of a policy by your political opponents without providing us with a clearly defined alternative policy, then you are adding nothing of substance or value to the discussion.

I have written about this problem before. The Democrats do not seem to understand that insane Bush hatred will do nothing to solve our nation's problems nor will it help to build the Democratic base. So, you think Bush has royally screwed up the Hurricane relief? Tell me how we could be doing it better. You want to win voters? Then tell the people what you can offer them - don't merely dwell on what you perceive to be the failings of the Republicans or their policies. If the public perceives that the Republicans are the only people actually doing anything or offering any form of policy, then the public will overwhelmingly favor the Republicans at the ballot box- no matter how flawed the Republican policies may be. Until the Democrats learn this lesson, they will become a permanent minority party.
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