September 01, 2005

Cindy Sheehan: Next Stop - Taking on the Blue Angels

Evidently, Veterans for Peace will be joined by Cindy Sheehan at Brunswick Naval Air Station to protest the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels, for those who do not know, are a U.S. Navy flight team that performs acrobatic flight maneuvers at various airshows and events. The aircraft are flown by active duty Naval pilots.
Accoring to their website, the theme of the protest is to "Stop the Worship of the Gods of War":

Theme of Our Protest:
"Stop the Worship of the Gods of War!"

On Sat., Sept. 10th, Maine Veterans for Peace will be joined by other major peace and justice groups (see list of co-sponsors below) in a massive protest:

. to protest the false god idolatry of the Blue Angels Air Show, whose "ooh-&-aah"performances have one purpose: to promote badly-lagging military recruitment

.to protest the obscene waste of American tax dollars to stage these Blue Angels' multi-million dollar extravaganzas

. to protest Bush's immoral, monomaniacal Iraq war -- nearly 1,900 U.S. and
100,000 Iraqi civilians dead, at a cost of over $300 billion, and still counting

. to protest NASB's complicity with the war machine, providing surveillance aircraftto target ground forces, which in the end cause horrendous "collateral damage"

. to challenge NASB to convert to peaceful purposes, creating good-paying high-tech/industrial jobs, making products that improve lives, not end them

I really, really thought that once she left Crawford I would no longer be blogging about Cindy Sheehan. This, however, is just too strange to pass up.

Throughout August, my Democrat friends have insisted that, contrary to my opinion, Cindy Sheehan really did support our troops and that her protest was merely aimed at convincing the government to withdraw troops from Iraq. Clearly, her association with this protest proves one thing (aside from the obvious: she has no real appreciation for some amazingly skilled flying): this is not merely some grieving mother - she is a radical political activist that does not support the troops.
If you really believe that these protesters do, in fact, support the troops, then you are divorced from all reality. The protesters will be protesting a show performed by active duty military personnel. I guess in the protester's mind, nothing shows your support for active duty military personnel and the military more than (a) protesting their performance of their jobs and (b) protesting military recruitment activities. Hell, as far as I am concerned, nothing says I support the troops more than calling active duty military personnel, such as the Blue Angel's flight team, the "Gods of War". (Sarcasm Intended)

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FYI - According to a poll set forth in NewsMax, Cindy Sheehan's protest actually backfired by increasing some support for the war.
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