September 06, 2005

Democratic Compassion and the death of Chief Justice Rhenquist

Chief Justice William Rhenquist has died of cancer. Now, many on the left cannot contain their joy.

A poster named Etherapy at Daily Kos shows some of the compassion, good judgment and good taste that Democrats are fast becoming known for (sarcasm intended):
Can someone do this?
by etherapy
Tue Sep 6th, 2005 at 17:35:31 PDT

I want a picture of Rhenquist's casket along side a picture of one of the bodies floating in the water in NO. I don't know how to do it.

Can someone do it?


I think it would make a great headline photo
Here are some memorable quotes from the inmates at the asylum known as the Democratic Underground:
dbt: I shall piss on the grave of William Rhenquist.Anybody know where they're gonna bury that miserable excuse for a human being--and when? (Ain't sure how long I can hold this much beer, y'know...)SUDDEN PANG OF CONSCIENCE: Oh, my GODDESS! What will the Freeps think when they see such a post?!?!?
Jamastiene: Yeah, and I'll be squatting with pride when it's my turn.Ocelot: Why not? He's why we've got Bush in the White House.

jim3775: Exactly. And i will feel the same way when anybody who sided with Bush v. Gore dies.

Lindacooks:Okay. I'll say something good. Rehnquist is dead. Good.

: google "rehnquist ballot security arizona" and you'll see that pissing on his grave would be the least you could do to such an evil racist bastard. What's so classless? Pissing on his head would be giving that bastard a cold drink in hell.I see it as an act of charity.

tabasco: I hope he realized how bad he fucked the Nation. Dirty bastard probably died of GUILT. Notwithstanding his other decisions, allowing the USSC to appoint a President by totally encroaching on state law was a CRIME.benburch: I'll wear a kilt...And leave a steaming reminder of my love for the GOP there.

Pepperbelly: They'll probably hide the shit sipper's carcass somewhere else ...just because of the sanitation problem it would incur as so many of the righteously angry and anally raped citizenry line up to do just that very thing. Let me know when you're ready. I got a great diuretic.

mitchum: Well, [Rhenquist's relatives] are already dealing with the shame of being his children and grandchildren, so they must be quite used to it.

Scarletwoman: People who are despicable in life, do not suddenly become worthy of respect in death. Would you have a problem with someone saying that they wanted to piss on the grave of a child molester or a rapist? Well, Rehnquist enabled the rape of my whole goddam COUNTRY, and I will damn well piss on the grave of a rapist if I want to! Tell me, where was the "respect and human decency" in letting a cabal of kleptocrats and criminals take over our government?

Pepperbelly: I would have rejoiced at Hitler's death's just a matter of degree. This was an evil old motherfucker who has caused unmeasurable heartache and destruction. Fuck him.

BobbyinPortland: I hope they cremate, he could spoil the earth and ruin it for centuries.
Wow. What caring, compassionate people. Makes you want to join their political party doesn't it??? One of the big reasons I switched parties (aside from the Democrats aligning themselves with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups) was that the rhetoric by Democrats was getting way too crazy. The Democrats seemed to have gone insane with their hatred of President Bush and all Republicans. Gone were the well-thought out policy discussions with other Democratic friends. They were replaced with lectures on how all problems facing American society were caused or exacerbated by the evil Bush or Haliburton. When the Democrats began comparing President Bush to Hitler, I came to the realization that the Democrats had lost all perspective.

No matter what you may think of Chief Justice Rhenquist as either a person or a Supreme Court Justice, this is classless and utterly devoid of any semblance of good taste. Regardless of whether you agree with his political or judicial philosophy, this man was a dedicated public servant for a very long time. If you are unwilling to acknowledge this due to the fact that he did not share your political views, then at least show some respect and common decency towards Rhenquist's family. Yeah, that's right - Rhenquist has a family, who no doubt must be horribly saddened by his death, and would likely be disgusted at such a crass exploitation of the passing of their loved one and the insane hatred towards their departed family member.

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