September 24, 2005

Democrats Concerned That Hurricane Rita Will Overshadow War Protests

At the Democratic Underground, many are concerned that Hurricane Rita will overshadow the war protests:

Quixote1818: I am worried Rita will overshadow the War Protest.

osaMABUSh: I had that thought about Katrina three weeks ago but it appears that not to be the case. Yes, Rita had terrible timing. BUT again people are wondering how we are going to pay for the hurricanes, well, maybe this will remind folks we're spending $200 Billion in Iraq. And with gas going to $4 ....I say this protest is just the warm up - let's schedule another in non-hurricane season like the spring

dolo amber: All I know is if America's Next Top Model is pre-empted next week due to hurricane coverage I'm gonna be PI-ISSED!!

A lively debate is currently ongoing in the Daily Kos about whether or not the protests should be called off because Hurricane Rita will take all of their press.
Wonderful. While many people may die and thousands could lose their homes, what are they concerned about? A stupid war protest. Let's try to keep our perspective people!! You will have plenty of other opportunities to pretend you are flower children back in 1968 and vent your unhealthy obsession with President Bush.
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