September 01, 2005

Greg Gutfield - Declares Martial Law at the Huffington Post

Greg Gutfield, who is truly the only sane columnist at the Huffington Post (and not just because I tend to agree with his political leanings), has an excellent post:

Because of the mass disaster taking place in New Orleans, i feel i must declare martial law on the huffpo. Therefore, posters may be shot with a paint gun on sight:

1) for pretty much ignoring world class tragedy in the gulf coast because it didn't happen in an NPR-approved third world country and therefore cannot be blamed on American indifference.
2) for trying to tie the 'natural' disaster to global warming, the evil bush family or any political opponent, like, say Haley Barbour. Or not waiting, say, 5 minutes before the bodies are fished out of the water to attempt to make political gain of tragedy. Boldness Points: For a Kennedy issuing blame over an event that involved drowning.
3) for any form of loony self-love in face of epic disaster. Example: posting pictures of your last trip to New Orleans. Yep, we've been there too.
4) for writing: "I swore I wasn't going to get into the politicization of this crisis, but the "strumming and smirking" photo shocked me into it." (The only thing creepier than Bob Cesca, is a picture of Bob Cesca.)

Meanwhile i think the Huffpo should appoint its very own New Orleans correspondent. How about a guy who shares identical political and personal beliefs with the Huffposters? Maybe a man who, in the matter of Cindy Sheehan, said "the President should be accountable for the lies and misrepresentations that have resulted in the death of her son and the death and maiming of thousands of more Americans." PLUS, he endorsed John Kerry for President! Best of all, i believe he is from Matairie, Louisiana, in Jefferson Parish. He should be the official Huffpo New Orleans blogger! AND He can provide displaced citizens with fresh sheets.

Anyone have David Duke's email?

The Democrats at Daily Kos, Democratic Underground and the Huffington Post have been dwelling on either (a) how Bush and his environmental policies (i.e., you know - the ones that supposedly cause global warming) must have caused Hurricane Katrina (thereby linking Bush with the death of hundreds, possibly thousands, of innocents), (b) how Bush attempted to cut funds for the New Orleans infrastructure (months, of course, before the Hurricane Katrina actually hit) or (c) how Bush didn't rush immediately down to New Orleans (yeah, as if the people of New Orleans really needed him down there - wouldn't you anticipate that the citizens of New Orleans prefer to have emergency workers down there as opposed to a politician?).
The Democrats never miss an opportunity to slam Bush - even if it means politicizing the deaths of our fellow citizens. It is disgusting and they should be ashamed.
Vodkapundit weighs in:
I guess Fineman's complaint is, Bush wasn't prescient enough to realize we'd need more troops at home to battle natural disasters. Well, guess what: War is why we have armies. Most of the time, thankfully, we aren't at war. So rather than keep the troops in their barracks or the ships at anchor when disaster strikes, we call on them to serve in a different manner. Fineman's complaint strikes me as just plain silly. I guess FDR would have taken a double-drubbing over Hitler's 1944 Ardennes Offensive, had there been a big California earthquake in the Spring of 1945. I mean, the Battle of the Bulge added an extra three or four months to the European Theater of War. Had FDR not screwreed things up so badly, those troops could have been waging peace in California instead of waging war in Europe. Is there anyone left on the Left who hasn't tried to make political hay out of Hurricane Katrina?
Meanwhile Instapundit and Little Green Footballs are an excellent source of links for Hurricane Relief Aid.
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