September 15, 2005

The Infamous Note from Bush and More Adventures In The Democratic Underground

From Reuters:

U.S. President George W. Bush writes a note to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a Security Council meeting at the 2005 World Summit and 60th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York September 14, 2005.

This is a rather large topic of discussion over at Democratic Underground (over 200 comments so far). Makes you wonder what type of life they have! Here is a sample of their rather high-minded, intellectual take on the subject:

leftofthedial: poppy is left-handed bushturd can't really use either hand, but he scrawls his illiterate crapol using his right hand. [ed. note - this was in response to some posters questioning whether the photo was real or not]
degreesofgray: Mommy, I gotta go peepee!
Beetwasher: LOL!I can't fucking believe it, it's for real!
NCPatriot: Damn - Now I gotta pee from Laughing - oops too late!
Jawja: Doesn't he look like the dumbest asshole you ever saw?
Blue State Native: Why yes he does. Poor dumb bastard. It's truly embarrassing.
peekaloo: LOL...that last pic......look at Condisleeza.......he shat his pants!
bahrbearian: Chimpy would have done it on the desk, if his approval ratings weren't a factor. " I don't pay attention to Polls"
Cannabian: When you stop laughing, take another look. Look how he mixes capital letters with lowercase. I'm no SHRINK but THAT JUST seems WEIRD to me.
Tiggeroshii: School, work, homework, dry, boring day... then the President asks to use the bathroom at a UN meeting... heh. hehehe.. this thread has made my day!
pitohui: even the chimpy must know when he has to pee without asking condi
merbex: Another thing we can tag onto Barbara Bush:She never properly toilet trained himI MAY need a bathroom break?George,how old are you again?You should know by now you can either hold it or you can'tHe isn't ready for kindergarten yet for chrissakesLeader of the Free World- my F***ing God
yurbud : In fairness, he may be in potty training, his usual self-satisfied look must mean he just made in his adult diapers.
belle: Yes, he's human. So are a lot of other four-year olds. None of them should be heading the most powerful country on earth. Is that not clear enough for you yet? It's the Presidency. It's not the fucking Special Olympics.
sweet_cobun: I'm just saying, of all the evidence of his extreme retardation,this isn't the biggest piece.
ignatius 2: Maybe after this dickhead is impeached he can do Depend commercials.
Why don't we let these people run the country? Oh yeah, I guess you need to display a bit of maturity to win over voters. True, no one at Democratic Underground is probably running for office at this time - but clearly, is this the image of Democrats that the Democratic Party (or its base) wants to portray? Calling your political opponent a "retard" or "chimpy" is not exactly the way to show that you are serious, rationale human beings. The Bush Derangement Syndrome is ever still present...
Update: Reuters now admits that they doctored the photo:
Once he saw what it said, Hershorn decided the note was interesting and worth publishing. The white parts of the picture were overexposed, so a Reuters processor used Photoshop to burn down the note. This is a standard practice for news photos, Hershorn says, and the picture was not manipulated in any other way.Around 4:30 p.m., Reuters transmitted two versions of the photo, including one that was tightly cropped around the note and Bush's hand.
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