September 16, 2005 Exploits Hurricane Katrina For Donations

Blogs for Bush reports that has sent an e-mail to its members whereby uses Hurricane Katrina to solicit further donations. Donations to help the hurricane victims? How noble, caring and generous. Ooops... never mind. They are soliciting donations to fund their anti-Bush ad campaigns:

Dear MoveOn member,

Hurricane Katrina has presented a defining moment for President Bush. So far, it's defined him as indecisive, uninterested in poverty and critically unprepared. Last night's nationally televised address was an attempt by the White House to mark a turning point.

But President Bush failed to deeply address either of the core vulnerabilities Katrina exposed—the federal government's inability to respond to disaster, and the poverty and racism that still remains in America. With the media jury out on the speech, we can help draw focus to Bush's failure to deliver on his core promise—to protect America from disaster.

Our ad team worked overnight, preparing a rapid-response TV ad we want to get on the air as soon as possible, to help shape this historic moment. If we can raise $250,000 today, we can do it. Can you contribute?

Blogs for Bush continues by noting that, "What makes this even more despicable is that the email advises its members that "Advocacy is as important as charity at this time in our nation's history."
These people have their values totally out of wack. Wouldn't that $250,000 do more good for the hurricane victims? I mean, really...aren't food, water, clothing, homes, etc. more important than an ad campaign? I mean, when I think of disaster relief, I think of donating blood, raising money for humanitarian aid, and donating clothing and other goods - I don't think of political ad campaigns. How sickening. Nice priorities these people have.
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