September 05, 2005

Sean Penn - Rescue Hero?

I am not a Sean Penn fan, so when I saw this news story, I had a nice laugh:
Efforts by Hollywood actor Sean Penn to aid New Orleans victims stranded by Hurricane Katrina foundered badly yesterday, when the boat he was piloting to launch a rescue attempt sprang a leak.

Penn had planned to rescue children waylaid by Katrina's flood waters, but apparently forgot to plug a hole in the bottom of the vessel, which began taking water within seconds of its launch.

The actor, known for his political activism, was seen wearing what appeared to be a white flak jacket and frantically bailing water out of the sinking vessel with a red plastic cup.

When the boat's motor failed to start, those aboard were forced to use paddles to propel themselves down the flooded New Orleans street.

Asked what he had hoped to achieve in the waterlogged city, the actor replied: "Whatever I can do to help."

With the boat loaded with members of Penn's entourage, including a personal photographer, one bystander taunted the actor: "How are you going to get any people in that thing?"
It was good that Sean Penn could find time out of his busy schedule of visiting American enemies, playing journalist and attempting to legitimize third world dictatorships to attempt to help out those hurt by Hurricane Katrina. Now, hopefully, someone can rescue him from his leaky boat.

Too bad that his entourage and personal photographer took up too much room in the tiny craft to actually rescue anyone. Each person in that boat took up a space that could have been used by a Hurricane victim. Forgive me for my cynicism, but the presence of a personal photographer leads me to believe that this is nothing more than another Sean Penn publicity stunt.

So, does this mean that we can add a new term to the political debate? You know, instead of "Limousine Liberal", can we use "Leaky-Boat Liberal"?

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