September 19, 2005

Senator Landrieu Reiterates Her Threat To Punch President Bush

According to NewsMax, Senator Mary Landrieu reaffirmed her threat to to punch President Bush:

Sen. Mary Landrieu refused on Friday to withdraw or apologize for her threat to punch President Bush if he criticized Louisiana officials - despite Bush's magnanimous speech Thursday night and a federal downpayment of more than $60 billion dollars to rebuild her state.

"I do not take it back, I don't apologize for it. I said I would punch anybody, including the president," she told the Chicago Tribune.

"Though threatening the president is a crime," the Tribune noted - "the Secret Service took it as a joke and the White House brushed off her remarks."

Standing in the Capitol, however, Landrieu made it clear she wasn't joking.

Looks like someone needs to take some anger management classes...
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