October 19, 2005

Bill Clinton - Terror War Can Only Be Won By Sharing Our Wealth

Bill Clinton gave a speech, which was very revealing as to why he allowed Al Quaida to become strong, train and plan for 9/11 on his watch. Evidently, he has absolutely no real understanding of Islamic terrorism. Moreover, he does not believe in killing or jailing terrorists (Maybe this explains why he refused to take Bin Laden when offered by Sudan in 1996). What is his solution? World socialism and charity:

TORONTO (CP) - Western nations can defuse the terrorist threat that looms over wealthy countries by sharing their prosperity with the half of humanity that feels the system "is rigged against them," former U.S. President Bill Clinton said Tuesday.

Security policies alone will never thwart the destructive ambitions of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Clinton told an audience attending a motivational seminar in Toronto. "We have no excuse now for not building a world with more partners and fewer terrorists," he said.

"We cannot kill, jail or occupy all of our enemies, we cannot have a security policy only." Clinton, in Toronto during a speaking tour of three Canadian cities that ends Wednesday in Calgary, spoke of his vision of a more secure and equitable world. "We have to find a way to reach out to the half of the people in the world who think we don't care about them and, in fact, that we've got the system rigged against them," he told the audience, many who paid as much as $1,300 to attend the day-long event.

"Unless we can do this we can never hope to build a world totally free of terror, or dangerous weapons, or human conflict."

This is utterly asinine.

Al Quaeda does not kill Americans and other westerners because we are rich and they are poor. For example, 9/11 was committed by men that were, if anything, middle-class.

Rather, Al Quaeda believes that all infidels (i.e., all non-believers or non-Muslims including all Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists, etc.) must be converted to Islam or killed. Put simply, the motivation for their acts of terror are not related to the issue of wealth.

Americans could give every penny they had to Al Quaeda and it would not change the fact that the Islamic terrorists view us as an enemy of Allah.

I guess that Clinton ultimately believes that if you can't beat 'em, then bribe 'em.

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