October 08, 2005

Democrats and Winnie the Pooh

This is an odd analogy:

The problem with Democrat campaign speeches is “litany,” and they need more narrative like Winnie the Pooh stories, political consultant and pundit James Carville said.

At a speech sponsored by the Northwestern College Democrats Thursday evening, Carville told the audience that Democratic candidates can’t succeed by shouting out to every group in a crowd. Instead candidates should tell stories with the three elements of any good story — setup, conflict and resolution.

“No Kumbayah crap,” Carville said.

I somewhat agree. Carville is correct that Democrats need to explain an issue or problem to voters and state unequivocally how it should be solved.

However, I would not stop there. The other problems with most Democratic speeches are that (a) the Democrats typically focus on talking about who, other than Democrats, are to blame for any given problem (usually George Bush); (b) the Democrats usually are incredibly condescending towards those with differing views; (c) the Democrats more often than not mistake being anti-Bush as a legitimate political platform; (d) the Democrats have few ideas, if any, on how to address most problems other than to propose raising taxes or throwing money at the problem (an area where George Bush, unfortunately, often appears to share similar traits); (e) the Democrats' speeches are often too negative; (f) the Democrats' speeches often overstate or overly dramatize problems to the point that they are not very believable; (g) some Democrats feel the need to blame America first for every problem on the planet and have no problem tarnishing America's image to score points against Republicans; and (h) many Democrats believe that it is constructive to use race-baiting in their speeches by charging that Republicans are "racists" and that all problems African-Americans are experiencing can be traced to Republican discrimination or racism.
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