October 14, 2005

Democrats Debate the Use of "Hitler Comparisons" at Democratic Underground

Over at the Democratic Underground, the Democrats are now defending their comparisons of President Bush with Adolf Hitler. The following is a sample of the idiocy:

wtmusic: Good essay on what has always bothered me about so-called Godwin's Law, which states, "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one. Once such a comparison is made the discussion is over, and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress." By banishing references to Hitler we also make the tacit assumption that it could never happen again, that society has progressed to a point where such a regression is unthinkable. But it's not only learning the lessons of history, but reminding ourselves of them from time to time, and drawing parallels through self-examination that will give us any realistic chance of preventing history from repeating itself.

zidzi: I see no reason not to "reference hitler" since it's a true analogy. hitler as verboten is senseless.

radwriter0555: It's all confusing. But I stand by my assertion that bush and his evil cabal are indeed hitler and the nazi regime reincarnated and come to life. Don't like my assertion? Not enough bodies for you? Not any human skins used for lampshades (that we know of) for another 'test'? Too bad, put me on iggie and put your head back in the sand. Bush is the new hitler. 91101 was reichstag. Iraq was Poland. Iraqis are Jews. Gitmo is Dachau.(no ovens? oh well, there are still too many parables)

McCamy Taylor: Same can be said about guns. Except the word "Hitler" doesnt kill.

liberal N proud: When someone complains about comparing bu$h to Hitler. I come back with maybe he should stop doing Hitler like things.

DistressedAmerican: I Do Not Think Nazi Or Hitler Are Great Analogies (Too Specific).However, the broader term Fascist fits the bill quite nicely!

radwriter0555: Apparently we have to wait for more atrocities and a higher body count anda LOWER moral reckoning. Can you imagine? Who did people compare hitler to in the 1920's? At least we have a barometer of sorts.

RandomKoolzip: So the second the first roof beam is put in place in the first concentration camp, THEN it'll be safe to use the comparison, but not a second before?

Susang: They are not going to be concentration camps the next time. History may repeat itself, but it usually has the good taste to alter the story just enough to keep us jumping. That's why analogies to Nazi Germany and Hitler just don't work (for me). There just won't be another situation like that. It's already happened, we're on guard for it. Whatever happens will happen in far more insidious, unexpected ways, while we're busy looking for Nazis and concentration camps. In my opinion, it's already been happening, right under our noses.

ChavezSpeakstheTruth: There are definately parallels, no doubt.But I disagree. I think there is too much collective memory to allow for that. I mean do you think we'll be building concentration camps for the Muslims?

Solomon: Fuck y'all. America is the new Nazi Germany. You wonder how German citizens went along with it? They probably objected to people comparing Hitler to Genghis Khan.

Absolutely disgusting.
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