October 23, 2005

Howard Dean's Latest Tirade Against Republicans - Compares The Republicans to the "Ayatollahs" in Iran

Howard Dean has now called the Bush administration the "most corrupt administration" since Warren Harding:

LEWISTON — The Bush White House is the most corrupt administration in U.S. history since President Warren G. Harding's, said Howard Dean during his first visit to Maine as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Dean's comments Saturday came as top White House advisers are being investigated for their roles in the outing of a CIA operative and Tom DeLay, the former second-ranking Republican in the House of Repre sentatives, faces conspiracy and money-laundering charges....

The most corrupt administration??? Was he asleep during the Clinton years? Does he remember:

- Monica Lewinsky and the other countless allegations of sexual harrassment and improper behavior.

- Paula Jones case. Clinton commits perjury, obstructs justice, is impeached, and eventually disbarred from the Arkansas bar.

- Johnny Chung, who was a Democratic Party fund-raiser and frequent White House guest of Bill Clinton, illegally channeled Chinese military money to President Clinton and the Democratic Party.

- Al Gore is caught fundraising in a Buddhist temple.

- FBI Filegate.

- Whitewater.

- Global Crossing.

- President Bill Clinton pardons Mark Rich. After the pardon, it is discovered that Mr. Rich's ex-wife is a major contributor to President Clinton and the Democratic Party.

I could go on for a long time.

Corruption is not exactly a good issue for the Democrats. As I have said on numerous occasions, corruption exists in both political parties - Republicans and Democrats. Does Howard Dean really want to make this the central issue? After all, Republicans can play the same game.

See NoAgenda.Org for a useful summary of Democratic corruption.

For my previous posts on the latest examples of Democratic corruption, see the following posts:
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Additionally, Howard Dean compared Republicans to the Islamofacists in Iran:

Dean said Republicans should not have interfered in the Terri Schiavo right-to-life case."I'm tired of the ayatollahs of the right wing," Dean said. "We're fighting for freedom in Iraq. We're going to fight for freedom in America."

Yeah, that makes sense... insult over half the country. Great way to expand the base and appeal to moderate swing-voters that might be Republicans. A tad over the top don't you think?
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