October 18, 2005

Jeanine Pirro Seeks Campaign Donation from Hillary Clinton and Hillary Inadvertently Declares for 2008

Jeanine Pirro's campaign staff screwed up in a rather amusing way:

ALBANY, N.Y. -- This is one check that definitely won't be in the mail. In an Aug. 19 fundraising letter, Jeanine Pirro told potential supporters of her race to unseat Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, "I cannot win without your support."Pirro sent one of those appeals to:

Hillary Clinton
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20500-0030

That, of course, is the White House where Clinton used to be first lady.

The Pirro letter came to light just three days after the Westchester County district attorney reported raising $438,555 for the three-month period ending Sept. 30 in her bid for the GOP nomination to challenge Clinton's 2006 re-election effort. Clinton reported raising $5.3 million.

"No wonder Ms. Pirro raised so little money," quipped Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson on Monday.

Too funny.

Senator Clinton, however, made her own mistake. She inadvertently declared for 2008:

Well, Since beginning her campaign on Aug. 7, Pirro has been arguing that Clinton is really interested not in winning re-election to the Senate, but in running for president in 2008.

Or, as Pirro wrote in her appeal to the Hillary Clinton of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.: "You and I both know the U.S. Senate isn't Hillary's real goal."

Wolfson said the letter was forwarded to Clinton's Senate office.

Pirro campaign manager Brian Donahue said the fundraising appeal was sent because someone registered the information on Pirro's campaign Web site.

"Who knows, it could have been Hillary Clinton herself, doing a Freudian slip during a commercial break on the `Ellen DeGeneres Show,"' Donahue added.

During a taping of DeGeneres' show last week, Clinton was asked, "So you are preparing for 2008?"

"I am," Clinton quickly responded, before catching herself. "No, no, no. I am preparing for 2006."

The fact that Hillary Clinton is going to run for President in 2008 is the worst kept secret in Washington. I cannot say I really blame Hillary Clinton for running for re-election when she knows that her ultimate goal is not to complete her term. There is something to be said for job security.

With this being said, I agree with Jeanine Pirro's strategy of reminding the citizens of New York that Hillary Clinton's ultimate goal is not to serve the state of New York. Hillary Clinton does not want to be the junior Senator from New York. Rather, she wants to be President. If re-elected in 2006, she will be striving to end her term four years early. During the two years before the presidential election, Ms. Clinton will be running all over the country campaigning for another job. She will not be in D.C. for any length of time (anyone remember how many votes Senator Kerry missed during the campaign). She will not be working full time on issues important to New York. Instead, she will be focusing on the needs of the citizens of New Hampshire, Iowa, etc.
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