October 13, 2005

A Note On Banning IP Addresses

FYI - I have no problem with receiving comments from anyone - even those I vehemently disagree with...
However, I do draw the line at comments that include incendiary, personal attacks. I draw the line at commenters that are doing nothing but throwing fire bombs at other commenters. I draw the line on commenters that are not interested in having a legitimate discussion or even considering an opposing view point. Bottom line... I attempt to avoid trolls at all costs.
When confronted by a possible troll, I will allow the person to comment as they please. I am interested in hearing the opposing view point, and my mind is fairly open on most, if not all subjects. Besides, most of the regular commenters can typically take pretty good care of themselves. However, if the possible troll crosses the line one too many times, I simply exercise my right to ban their IP from posting further comments.
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