October 26, 2005

A Take On Political Correctness and Race

From Ace of Spades:

Pure racism.

No, I don't mean the anti-white bigotry of Spike Lee. Who gives a shit.

I mean the ineffable condescension and embarrassing patronization of white people who hear a black person saying something so fucking jackass and feel the need to treat them as either children or retards by saying, "Why, yes, that's a cute little idea you have there, Scamp."

Again: this "honest discussion about race in this country" the liberal media and lefties are always talking about must procede with honesty in both directions. And that means that, yes, once in a while a white liberal might have to dare to disagree with a black person.

To his face.

Imagine such a thing! Treating black people as equal adult citizens whose most idiotic notions should be branded as such.

And maybe black people with more "reasonable theories" than Spike Lee has could be a little more forceful about telling him he's a moron.

Barbershop was a cute little movie, but it did big business because of that one ad where Cedric the Entertainer basically said a bunch of things that black people privately knew (to wit, OJ was guilty as sin, and, illegal or not, Rodney King deseved a few smacks in the head) but were afraid to say out of a misguided sense of racial solidarity.

Racial correctness-- it's got to go too, if we're to have this "honest discussion" that everyone claims to want. It makes it hard to have "honest discussions" when some are parroting racially correct jackassery.


We will never be able to move racial relations forward in this country unless we can deal with such things as the disaster in New Orleans in an honest manner. What happened in New Orleans was tragic as many people - both white and black - died or lost all of their possessions. Hurricane Katrina was clearly color-blind. Unfortunately, black people were disproportionately affected because New Orleans is disproportionately populated by black people. While, the federal, state and local governments were thoroughly unprepared to deal with a natural disaster of such magnitude, however, we must remember that hurricanes are not man-made and the devastation that occurred was race neutral. The idea that white people blew up the levees as part of some conspiracy to kill the black people is disgusting and totally unsubstantiated by any evidence.

Can you imagine the media uproar if, for example, a white film maker decided to make a movie which portrayed a group of blacks destroying the New Orleans levee in an attempt to visit devastation upon the white neighborhoods of New Orleans? The screams of racism coming from the left and the black community would be absolutely deafening. The mainstream media would give no credit to such "wild conspiracy theories" and would likely dismiss the film maker as being a racist and absolutely loony.

Why the double standard? Political correctness. The very misguided thought being that blacks, who are a minority, continue to hold a unique status as a victim due to America's shameful history of slavery/racial discrimination and whites must continue to attone for the sins of their previous generations (regardless of the fact that slavery has not existed in over 140 years, racial segregation ended decades ago, the Jim Crow laws are gone, affirmative action programs in the public and private sector now discriminate against white people, and racial discrimination is aggressively fought on federal, state and local levels). As black people did not have any form of political power or a special place in our national political conversation for decades, political correctness overcompensates by giving special credence to their views - no matter how inaccurate, disturbing or ridiculous. In essence, political correctness says that no one should utterly dismiss the views of black Americans. To do so, would be akin to racism by not allowing blacks to participate in our national debate.

Aside from political correctness, it is clear that liberals hold a very misguided view of racism. My aunt, who is very liberal, once tried to explain to me the prevailing view of liberals on whether a black person can be racist. According to my aunt, a black person cannot be racist as they have no particular political power to impose their views on others or to racially discriminate against the "majority race". This theory is so asinine, that it really defies any sort of logical analysis. Essentially, it confuses "racism" (prejudice based upon race) with "racial discrimination"(discriminating against a person or group of persons based upon their race). One can be racist, but not have the ability to discriminate against other races.

Finally, Democratic politicians and black activists groups have a special interest in feeding these conspiracy theories to black people. In order for the Democrats to continue to win the black vote and black activist groups to continue to be funded, they attempt to demonize President Bush and to label the Republicans as racist. The Democrats' strategy is to blame all black problems on a Republican Congress and Republican administration - never, of course, discussing the Democrats shameful role in the Jim Crow South or the fact that these same problems existed during under the watch of Democratic Congresses and administrations. Think about it. For example, is poverty among African-Americans a new occurrence? No, of course, not... the African-American community faced this same problem during the Carter and Clinton administrations.

Can we overcome these problems to have an honest national conversation about race? I hope so. We have come a long way over the past few decades.
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