November 28, 2005

David Brooks On The Media And Iraq

An interesting observation from David Brooks:

Second, why aren't there more stories about war heroes like Christopher Ieva? The casual courage he and his men displayed is awe-inspiring, but most Americans couldn't name a single hero from this war. That's because despite all the amazing things people are achieving in Iraq, we don't tell their stories back here. That's partly because in the post-Vietnam era many Americans - especially those who dominate the culture - are uncomfortable with military valor. That's partly because some people don't want this war to seem like a heroic enterprise. And it's partly because many Americans are aloof from this whole conflict, and couldn't tell you a thing about Operations Matador and Steel Curtain and the other major offensives.

Unfortunately, the media is stuck in "Vietnam mode". While I am sure that many in the mainstream media would relish the political black eye that a failure in Iraq would cause the Republicans, I am not going to go as far to say that the media wants us to lose the Iraq War. However, it would be easy to deduce that the majority of the mainstream media want to relive the media's role in ending the Vietnam War.
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