November 07, 2005

Do The Democrats Have Their Own CIA Leak Scandal?

This is interesting:

Word out of the Senate is that some Republicans are looking to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Sen. Pat Roberts, to open a full investigation into the leak by CIA staffers of so-called "black sites" overseas. These facilities house captured al Qaeda and other terrorists, and are maintained by the CIA.

The Washington Post reported on the sites, using information gathered from sources inside the CIA, both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, and the group, Human Rights Watch, which, according to an HRW source, has been getting inside information from Democratic staff on both House and Senate Committees.

Although Post withheld the locations of specific "black sites," the London Times quickly followed up. Citing the human rights group as a source, it identified not only the nations where they might be located -- both of which are staunch allies in America's War on Terrorism -- but also the flight plans used by the CIA to transport the prisoners.

"This leak not only put CIA operatives at risk by identifying the locations, including ones that are supposedly no longer being used, it put our national security at risk here at home and put civilian lives in the countries that are helping us at risk. Weigh this leak against the one Democrats are all hopped up about and there is no comparison," says a Republican staffer for a Senator considering making a formal request for the investigation.

The "black site" revelations once again also put a focus on CIA employees detailed to both the personal staffs of U.S Senators, but also the Intelligence Committees. Some Republicans believe these detailees might have been sources for the information obtained by the Post and Human Rights Watch.

"This is a very serious matter," says another Senate leadership aide. "Democrats should be looking to join us in this investigation, but they won't because they know where it will end: their side of the aisle."

The leak of Valerie Plame's identity is inconsequential compared to the leak of the "black sites". We will see if the Democrat's zeal for prosecuting intelligence leaks is as strong when one of their own may be implicated.
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