November 14, 2005

Governor Blanco Named One of Five Worst Governors In the US.

Time Magazine nanes Democratic Governor Kathleen Blanco on its list of the five worst governors:

Time's worst governors were Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana, Bob Taft of Ohio and South Carolina's Mark Sanford.

Time magazine said in compiling the lists its editors consulted academics, political analysts and former governors.

This was fairly obvious. Surprised that Time Magazine had to consult anyone!!

Update: From Time Magazine's article:

Failures aren't born. They're made. Before Hurricane Katrina, it wasn't the job of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco to plan for the evacuation of the elderly and poor from New Orleans. Afterward, she wasn't in charge of the federal response. But it was her job to give her constituents heart by looking decisive, steadfast and capable. Even if she wasn't.

When it mattered most, Blanco appeared "dazed and confused," says Bernie Pinsonat, a bipartisan political consultant in Baton Rouge, La. When NBC's Matt Lauer asked her whether it was hard to find words to reassure the public, she tried to muster optimism, then circled back to despair. "You know, our people out here are so fearful. They're so worried ... It's a nightmare."

The public might have forgiven her. But, Pinsonat says, "you've got to convince them you're in control." Instead, Blanco waited seven weeks to appoint a recovery commission. She was slow to call the legislature back into session to deal with a nearly $1 billion decline in tax revenue. Her suggested cuts--to education and health care--came under fire last week as unrealistic. In 21 years in state politics, Blanco, a Democrat, was always cautious and deliberative. But those qualities have turned into liabilities.

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