November 14, 2005

Hate Mail of the Day

I have always enjoyed Sara McLachlan's music and, as such, listed her in my Blogger profile. Evidently, a reader of my blog took offense.

From Marta Stiteler a financial planner at Assante Capital Management:

Subject: Sara McLachlan is not your fan.

What a hypocrite. You can’t even publish your name. I’m certain that Sara McLachlan, a left wing Canadian, would like you to take her name off of your blog. You stand for everything that she does NOT believe in.

Canadian/American - Name also withheld

[Editor's Note: If you want to send an anonymous e-mail, you might want an anonymous e-mail account...just a thought]

Too funny.

I listen to musicians for their music - not for their political views. I would rather look to individuals that are more educated, knowledgeable people in the pertinent field for guidance on any given issue than some celebrity, who is often a high school or college drop-out and likely knows nothing more about an issue than what she may have heard at a Hollywood cocktail party.

For the moment, let's put aside the argument that she thinks I am somehow not entitled to listen to a particular musician because my politics may somehow offend that musician. I find it highly comical that someone actually attempts to politicize music in such a manner - i.e., only liberals are entitled to listen to Sara McLachlan music. Sorry, but I didn't see that disclaimer on the CD.

Moreover, it is completely asinine for Ms. Stiteler to presume that I somehow "stand for everything that [Sara McLachlan] does not believe in". Aside from the fact that it is impossible for her to know exactly what Sara McLachlan would think about either me or my political views(perhaps Sara can shoot me an e-mail sometime), Ms. Stiteler clearly knows nothing more about me than what I may have posted on my blog today.

True, I am a Republican. And, of course, I do support the liberation of Iraq and have been known to support the Bush administration. Yet, such a label as "Republican" or "war supporter", by no means, defines me - as I am sure that "liberal" or "Democrat" does not define the essence of Ms. Stiteler. More likely than not, Ms. Stiteler read a few of my "pro- Iraq War" posts and decided that she knew everything about me.

For Ms. Stiteler's edification, I consider myself to be a moderate. I have divergent beliefs and views that cover the political spectrum... I tend to agree with the Republicans on issues of national security and tax policy. I am pro-human rights (as I thought the Democrats used to be) and believe that no people should be subjected to dicatorship, political imprisonment, mass murder, state sanctioned rape, etc. Although I am uncomfortable with abortion and believe that it should be rare, I am pro-choice. My views towards the environment, alternative fuels, social security, litigation reform, campaign finance reform and medicare are likely more consistent with Democratic views (and Ms. McLachlan's views) than Republican.

I feel bad for Ms. Stiteler in that she has to "share" her interest in Sara McLachlan's music with someone who does not share all of her politics. It must be a really horrible feeling for her - like when she found out that her 6th grade crush liked someone else.
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