November 10, 2005

Mazda Introduces Environmentally Friendly Sports Car

This is really interesting:

Mazda also showed the first production hybrid model to wear the company's brand. The Tribute SUV—a twin to the Ford Escape—will feature a hybrid powertrain in North America. More mass-produced hybrid vehicles are expected in the future.

The automaker also featured two other alternatives to the standard internal combustion engine. Next spring, the RX-8 RE powered by a hydrogen-fueled rotary engine will be available for lease. This is six months sooner than originally planned. The Premacy RE, which is a bit further away from production, incorporates a hydrogen rotary engine, offering dual fuel driving with hydrogen and gasoline, in tandem with an electric motor.

Good job Mazda!!! Finally, it appears that more auto makers are taking alternative fuel vehicles seriously!!!
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