November 01, 2005 Exploits Dead Soldiers for Donations

As many anti-war groups have done, is celebrating the 2,000th death in Iraq by, among other things, airing commercials against the war. Evidently, they are seeking donations to do so. From an e-mail I received:

Dear MoveOn member,

Last night tens of thousands of MoveOn members attended 1,354 vigils in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to honor those killed in Iraq and ask, “How many more?” It was hopeful to see so many people at vigils.

When we gave the media our new TV ad, they ran it during the news segments on Good Morning America and The Today Show—those shows are viewed by millions. Now, in order to make sure this moment isn’t forgotten, we need to repeatedly play the ad on TV screens across America. Will you make a contribution to help make that happen?

The ad uses the images of a coffin in the desert with a solemn trumpet playing in the background. As a narrator reads the names of some of those killed in Iraq, the ad asks the question, "How many more?" The parents or widowed spouse of those killed gave us permission to use the name of their loved one in the ad.

Yesterday we raised just enough money to run the ad for two days nationally on CNN—but we’re still short of our $150,000 goal, which would allow us to pay the expenses of the ad and run it for another 4 days. Political Action is entirely member-funded—with most contributions around $50. We can only keep the ad on the air because of the contributions of thousands of us, together. Can you make a contribution?


Notice how there are no words of tribute - the commercial does not thank the dead soldiers or their families for the ultimate sacrifice they have made? Instead, the commercial attempts to show they died in vain.
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