November 01, 2005 Exploits / Misrepresents Libby Indictment

From an e-mail I received from, it appears that is wildly spinning the Libby indictment into something it is not - an indictment in the cover-up of alleged "lies" leading up to the Iraq war:

Dear MoveOn member,

Today, the Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States was indicted by a federal grand jury.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, a Republican appointee, announced that Lewis "Scooter" Libby lied to a grand jury, lied to FBI agents and obstructed an investigation into the White House cover-up of the lies that led our nation to war in Iraq. Libby has now resigned. Top White House advisor Karl Rove remains under federal investigation.

This is one of the biggest scandals to rock the White House in America's 229-year history.

But The New York Times reported that the Bush spin machine will resort to "attacking any criminal charges as a disagreement over legal technicalities."1 The battle over public opinion begins today. We must remind the country that this scandal isn't about a "technicality"—it's about a White House scheme to cover-up the lies that led our nation into one of the most deadly foreign policy blunders in our nation's history.

Can you write a letter to the editor to remind folks that there's no graver crime than misleading a country into war, and then covering it up? Our tool makes it easy to write to your local paper:

Libby was indicted for allegedly testifying falsely as to who he learned of Ms. Plame's identity (i.e., Dick Cheney as opposed to other reporters he talked to). If there was any cover-up, it was a cover-up as to the source of the information on Ms. Plame - not a cover-up on pre-war intelligence.

A gross distortion of facts, isn't it?
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