November 23, 2005

Rome Ends

My wife and I watched the season finale last night.

Wow. Incredible show, incredible series, amazing actors.... While the series took some creative license, it did a wonderful job of portraying historical events in a manner that was entertaining and informative.

Admittedly, I am a huge history nut. So, I took great pleasure in watching an interpretation of history unfolded. If HBO or the other networks are smart, they will learn a lesson -some of the most dramatic and intriguing stories come from our history.

Now, unfortunately, we have to wait until 2007 for the next season. I would imagine that filming and production of the show does take an enormous amount of time, however, it was more than evident after the first show or two that this would be a blockbuster. Yet, HBO in its ultimate wisdom decided to take an entire year off (as was done with Sopranos).

This was a mistake. I am sure that the thinking goes that the series is new enough that most viewers will tune back in when the series returns in 2007. However, you lose much of the excitement and anticipation over that great of a time.

I have been a huge Sopranos fan. Every Sunday, I would put aside whatever I was doing to watch Sopranos. I would actually schedule time to watch the show.
Lately, however, I barely miss the show due to its year off... I am sure that I will probably tune back in next fall, but I doubt I will be as dedicated of a viewer.
By the way, light blogging today... I am swamped.
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