December 08, 2005

Code Pink Takes On GI Joe

Code Pink is now harrassing Christmas shoppers by urging them to avoid buying "war toys":

Every holiday season manufactures prey on our children with pro-war propaganda disguised as innocent toys. Don’t let your child be a victim of G.I. Joe! As you’re out buying holiday gifts, make a point this year to show little ones that war is not game. Set an example for the children in your life and use the opportunity to teach them non-violence.
I guess if you are unsuccessful at putting an end to a real war, then a campaign to stop pretend wars is more their speed...

Actually, I was on the fence as to whether my son needed any further presents for Hanukkah. Now, I am determined to buy him the Millenium Falcon and loads of additional "Star Wars" paraphanelia.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin
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