December 08, 2005

Football: Gary Barnett To Be Fired

It appears that the head coach for Colorado University, Gary Barnett, will be fired (although, the AD has yet to inform him of the decision).

From the Denver Post:

Boulder - Gary Barnett is on his way out as the University of Colorado's football coach.

A source close to contract negotiations between Barnett and CU indicated Tuesday that Barnett will not be retained as coach of the Buffaloes. Although there is no timeline for an announcement, CU athletic director Mike Bohn, who returns to Boulder today from meetings in New York, plans to talk to Barnett soon.

Barnett, whose record is 49-38 after seven seasons at CU, could not be reached for comment. A call to Barnett's lawyer, John Rodman, was not returned.

Colorado's poor finish was the breaking point, the source said. A month ago, Barnett was on solid footing in his search for a contract extension. Consecutive losses to Iowa State, Nebraska and Texas by a combined score of 130-22 placed a large amount of doubt on whether an extension would still be offered.

I am a huge football fan. I love college football.

However, am I the only one that finds it very ironic, if not moronic, that Gary Barnett is not being fired because of a recruiting scandal that involved parties with paid strippers for recruits and allegations of sexual harrassment by Barnett and rape by Colorado players/recruits from seven different women during recruiting parties? Rather, he is being fired because his teams were humiliated by Nebraska and Texas on the playing field?

While I am glad Colorado has finally come to its senses, I do have to say "why now if not then?" Colorado University's priorities are clearly misplaced.
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