December 01, 2005

Further Proof That The Lessons of 9/11 Have Been Forgotten

The TSA is going to allow passengers to carry sharp objects on airplanes:

WASHINGTON - Airport security screeners are reportedly going to let passengers bring sharp objects on board airplanes again. Today's Washington Post says the Transportation Security Administration plans to announce security changes Friday. Sources quoted by the paper say the new rules will allow things like scissors in carry-on bags. The reasoning is that such items are no longer regarded as the greatest threat to airline security. Homeland Security Department officials are said to be more concerned about preventing suicide bomb attacks at airports. Officials want screeners to focus more on finding things that can explode rather than things that are sharp.

The Post reports the newly relaxed rules would allow scissors under four inches long and tools shorter than seven inches.

TSA spokeswoman says the new initiatives will be positive for both security and customer service.

Idiotic. Completely and utterly idiotic.
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